Race Friends

I’m proud to host this Global Race Series, in collaboration with and featuring all of Got Friends aircraft. Let's get racing these wonderful creations!

Races will be held every other Sunday, following a schedule of exciting racing at stunning locations around the world -- and using a different aircraft at each event.

Visit the MSFS Forum or my Discord to see the latest info for the next upcoming race, and check the Race Rules page.

After countless hours picking and testing locations, I’m happy to present the Event Calendar of upcoming events for (over) the next year ahead. There just are not enough weeks to visit all the places I would like, so this is a cherry picked variety, fitting the abilities and "theme" of each aircraft.

I am also in the process of learning the SDK for scenery creation, so for some events I will make additional Custom Scenery Mods and share the downloads, which will really just be some simple pylons, gates, slaloms and markers to make the course more fun, more easily visible and fairer for everyone to see and follow the same route.

Whilst everyone is more than welcome to join with Xbox or PC, be aware that some of the events will be much more suitable for PC players. Due to the use of Mods it may end up not so clear or interesting if you are on Xbox, but you should be able to follow the group and get to know the courses that way. Also some events will be using Freeware aircraft unavailable on console, but you are more than welcome to join in a similar type of aircraft that you own.

It's all just for fun, so we won't take the racing too seriously.

I am open to any suggestions or changes you may have (such as change of start times, different locations or whatever) so don’t be afraid to ask!

Looking forward to see you "on the grid"!