Race Friends
  Race Rules
1 Have fun!
2 Install the event mods (if listed).
3 Default liveries only!
4 100% Fuel!
  • Weather = Live (unless it's terrible weather - then use "Few Clouds")
  • Time = we always try Live Time (except Astro ONE races will be in darkness for the neon cyber goodness) but see event post to check
  • Multiplayer Settings = All Players
  • Server = Check event post / Discord
6 Disable damage (if you want).
7 Don’t cheat! "You are only cheating yourself" as your mum would say.
8 If you crash out, you can SLEW back to life or back to the group.
9 Some events will have some specific instructions, hints or more info about the course, so please do read the intro posts before the event.
10 Again, have fun! That is the MAIN RULE :)
  That's all - look forward to seeing you on the grid!